There are a lot of coffee shops around town, and not all of them are owned by Starbucks, but the best ones are all owned by the same people.

You might recognize the name from some of your favorite coffee-makers, or you might be able to spot the distinctive smell of espresso coming from a nearby roastery.

Some people love them, some don’t, and some prefer one or the other.

These are the places where you can find the best coffee, whether you’re craving a cup of joe, or a cup with a splash of chocolate.


Espresso Bar and Grill: The best coffee bar in town You can buy espresso from Espresso Coffee Roasters, or just buy your coffee online.

The bar has a full bar, which includes coffee, hot chocolate, and a full range of lattes, cappuccinos, and cappucinos.

The espresso machines also serve up a variety of cold brew drinks.

The service is quick and efficient.

Espressos are always $1.50.


Caffe Coffee: The place to start for those who want to start making a name for themselves This cafe-style cafe is located in the heart of Chinatown.

They serve up espresso, caipirinhas, caesar salad, and even a couple of cold coffees.

They also serve coffee and tea.

The staff is friendly and helpful.


La Maison du Café: The spot for your best coffee If you want a full-on café experience, then La Maisons du Café is the place to go.

The owner, Yves Dufour, is known for his delicious French-Italian food.

He offers a variety and delicious menu of drinks, including the La Maisses du Chambre de Paris.

The food is also good, with the popular Chambres de la Paris and a variety called la maison du mai.


La Marche Cafe: The coffee-house that delivers the best La Marches cafe in town is located right outside of Paris.

There, the best espresso, coffee, and hot chocolate are served.

They are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the prices are low.

They even have a coffee shop on the weekends.


Café Oasis: The perfect place for a quick and convenient coffee break The Café Oases are in Paris and the café in La Marchamps.

They’re a perfect place to have a quick coffee break or lunch.

You can choose from a variety coffees and tea, or take a few minutes and sample the famous chocolate.


Café Pays: The café with the best selection of coffee in town The café in Paris, Café Passes, offers a full menu of espresso, hot chocolates, cappa, and lattes.

They offer some amazing deals on coffee, as well.

The owners are also very knowledgeable about the coffees they offer.


Cafe Oasis Coffee: A great place to try a new coffee A lot of cafés in Paris have a limited selection of coffees, but Café Oades are a different kind of café.

They specialize in their coffee and offer a wide variety of options.


La Perla: The shop that delivers all the best drinks In La Perlass, you’ll find a lot to like.

The coffee bar has everything you’d want to try in a coffee bar: espresso, tea, cappo, and cold brew.

They have some great deals on lattes and other beverages, as do other local shops.


Espo Coffee: the place for the best and most expensive espresso You can also get espresso from a local roaster.

It’s expensive, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a great cup of coffee.

La Palette Espresso: the best drip coffee store in town A great espresso shop is located a few blocks from La Palettes Espresso.

They do the best Espresso coffee in Paris.

La Parc La Parlège: the spot for the most expensive coffee You can get a good cup of espresso from La Parcolèges coffee shop.

The prices are just as high as in La Parcells Espresso, but you can get espresso for a fraction of the price.

La Café La Cerveza: the most stylish espresso bar in Paris The La Cervesia café is located on the corner of Rue du Nord and Rue de la Vincennes.

It has the best views of the city and is very trendy.

You’ll find the perfect cup of good coffee on the bar and in the lounge area.


Cafe Espresso and Espo Lounge: the perfect spot for a coffee break Coffee bars are a great way to relax, but if you want to get a little creative, there are plenty of coffee spots around town.

Here are the best of the best in Paris: Espresso Café: the ultimate espresso bar.

Espoisse Cafe: a beautiful place to hang out

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