The coffee maker that was originally meant for a coffee shop is now a home for a man who works as a teacher in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Post’s Zehava Katz, who lives in the West Bank city, visited Keret Kefat, a cafe in the Old City that serves as a home to a teacher and his wife, both of whom work in Jerusalem’s public schools.

Keret Kafat is located just outside of the Old Central Library, one of the city’s main schools.

It was built in 1948, during the Six-Day War, and served as a school for children between the ages of three and 12.

The library, with its huge hall, has served as the home to the citys largest synagogue, Kefar Baruch.

The couple also live in the Keret Baruch area, a part of Jerusalem that was recently evacuated from its historic Jewish settlement.

The Keret is a traditional home for Jews in Jerusalem and serves as the place to store Jewish texts, a place where they pray at sundown and serve Jewish meals.

It also serves as one of Jerusalem’s busiest coffee shops, serving around 5,000 coffees a day, according to Katz.

She explained that this coffee shop also serves traditional dishes, like schnitzel, grilled bread, and hot chocolate.

“You can get a good coffee at Keret, but you can also get it at a lot of other places, like Starbucks,” she said.

“The coffee is good and delicious, but there’s no coffee here in the middle of the day.”

While Keret serves coffee, the family has plans to expand.

They are also planning to open a coffee bar next year, where they plan to serve the local brews.

A woman sits on the floor during the renovation of the Kefarat Baruch, the coffee shop located in the Jerusalem Old City, in May.

The cafe is currently being renovated.

(Jerusalem Post)The coffee shop, located on the ground floor of a brick-and-mortar store, has become a popular spot for Jews who live in Jerusalem to gather and chat.

Kafat said that he was surprised to see how much more popular the bar is now compared to years ago, when he visited during the first Arab-Israeli war.

“When I went there, there was nothing,” he said.

“Now the bar has become the main spot for Arabs, as well as the Muslims and Jews who come here to have coffee.”

In fact, Keret has been a home of the Israeli Arab community for decades, Katz said.

Since Israel’s independence from Britain in 1948 and the creation of the State of Israel, Arab citizens have lived in the city.

“There are Arab residents here and many of them are my neighbors, so I feel proud that we are here,” he explained.

The Baruch Jewish community in Jerusalem also has its own coffee shop and cafe, but the two are located on separate floors.

“It’s an unusual situation because the Baruch community does not have an outlet for coffee.

But we are happy to have an alternative to this coffee and to serve it to our neighbors,” Kefatsaid.

Kefat said he has enjoyed the warm hospitality of his neighbors.

“They are kind and welcoming, and they are welcoming us to come here.

They give us a lot to talk about and give us advice,” he added.

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