Best Coworking Spaces In Plattsburgh Near Me

Here we show you the Best Coworking Spaces In Plattsburgh near you. I carefully selected the ones that seemed most suitable for you, choosing what I consider the main ones. Each one includes its name, location, contact number, and the average ratings from their customers, making it easier for you to choose the most convenient option.

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Reviews, Schedules, and Phone Numbers of the Best Coworking Spaces in Plattsburgh

Lake City Coworking

Lake City Coworking is a modern workspace designed for entrepreneurs and professionals in Plattsburgh, NY. Our convenient location at 26 City Hall Pl offers flexible business hours to accommodate your busy schedule, open Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM, and until 5PM on Thursday and Friday. Our comfortable and well-equipped facilities provide a professional environment for networking and productivity. With a focus on fostering collaboration, our coworking space is perfect for small businesses, startups, and independent workers. Contact us at +1 518-293-2262 to learn more about our affordable membership options and join our vibrant community.

Lake City Coworking


26 City Hall Pl, Plattsburgh, NY 12901


+1 518-293-2262

Location of Lake City Coworking

5/5 (Read The Reviews)

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How to Choose the Best Coworking Space in Plattsburgh Near Me?

When choosing the best Coworking Space in Plattsburgh, there are several factors to consider to ensure that it meets your needs and enhances your productivity. Here are some important criteria to keep in mind:

Location: The location of the coworking space should be convenient for you and easily accessible. Consider its proximity to public transportation, parking facilities, and amenities such as restaurants and cafes.

Amenities: Look for a coworking space that offers a range of amenities to support your work, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing facilities, and a well-equipped kitchen or break area.

Community: A strong and supportive community can greatly enhance your coworking experience. Look for a space that fosters networking opportunities, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among its members.

Flexibility: Check if the coworking space offers flexible membership options, allowing you to choose a plan that suits your schedule and budget. Some spaces also provide 24/7 access for those who require it.

Workspace: Assess the workspace layout and design to ensure it aligns with your work style. Look for ergonomic furniture, natural light, and quiet areas for focused work, as well as communal spaces for networking and collaboration.

Security: Ensure that the coworking space provides a secure environment for you and your belongings, with features such as keycard access, surveillance cameras, and secure storage options.

By considering these key factors, you can select the best coworking space in Plattsburgh that aligns with your professional needs and enhances your overall work experience.

Prices of the Coworking Spaces In Plattsburgh

Coworking spaces in Plattsburgh, New York, offer a range of pricing options to accommodate the diverse needs of professionals and entrepreneurs. The average prices for coworking spaces in Plattsburgh typically range from $150 to $400 per month depending on the location, amenities, and services provided. These spaces often offer flexible membership plans, allowing individuals to choose from various packages based on their specific requirements, such as dedicated desks, private offices, or shared workspaces.

Additionally, some coworking spaces in Plattsburgh may offer day passes or hourly rates for those who require occasional access to a workspace without committing to a monthly membership. It’s important to consider factors such as internet speed, meeting room availability, community events, and additional perks when evaluating the cost of a coworking space in Plattsburgh. By understanding the average pricing and available options, professionals can make informed decisions about which coworking space best suits their needs and budget in the vibrant city of Plattsburgh, New York.

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